Interested in becoming an intern?  

First, make sure that you are:

1) Between the ages of 18 and 25, proficient in French

2) A high school graduate

3) Winchester resident (click here if you are from Saint-Germain-En-Laye)

4) Free for at least three consecutive summer weeks (preferably the last three weeks of June)

5) Can afford transportation to and from SGeL.

  If you meet these criteria, you are encouraged to apply! A letter of introduction including job experience, family situation, and an explanation of why you are interested is due by April 22. The letter should be written in French. Once we receive your letter, we can begin the process of matching host business and families to your interests and personality. The selection process will also include an in-person meeting with you and a family member.Email Annette Lanigan or Winchester High School's Joyce Anderson to get started. Joyce Anderson is a French teacher at WHS who helps high school French students to connect with the Jumelage Association.